Woodturners Wonders Spur Drive

Ok, first let me say I’m not picking on Ken, Joe and Karen at Woodturners Wonders and their accessories. I love their products. I own and use 5 pair of CBN wheels from them and have tested theirs against 5 other vendors and they are still the best bang for buck and have never had an issue.

But I like to make stuff work the best for me. That being said I updated the Spur Drive the same way I did the Big Bite Jumbo Spur Center. At $35.95 this is a great value.

So Danny milled out the center using a lathe and then drilled a center hole for the pin. If you don’t have access to a lathe, you can use

  • Dremel with a metal cutting blade
  • Hacksaw and file
  • Drill press or wood lathe

I then cleaned up the spades edges using my WTW CBN square D wheels and there you go. I put the pin in a drill and put the point on by running the bit in the drill against the CBN wheel.

We just finished the St. John’s River Festival of the Arts show where I do demonstrations for 2 days. I had help this year for the first time and the bit was put through it’s paces good feed back for Larry and Phil.

Take a look at your tools if you think of something that will make them better lets share!


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