WoodTurners Wonders Big Bite

No one will argue that I like to buy tools, so when WoodTurners Wonders Big Bite Jumbo Spur Center came on the market, I got one. I’ve used it a couple of times and while it’s going to be a great add to my tool chest, there are some things you should be aware of.

It is a pretty straight forward 2 blade spur bit that fits on a 1 1/4″ spindle for side grain blanks. I have the Stubby version and the Nova version of this spur bit so lets compare.

First Price the WTW is half the price of the discontinued Stubby and $20.00 less than Nova 9087 Jumbo Spur Center for 1 1/4″-8. The Nova is $79.99 and the WTW is $59.95.

The only issue I have is the Drive Spur “center” (red outline) is even with the blades making it difficult for the spur blades to bite into the wood. I’m taking the spur bit to a friends house to remove it and will post a picture.

So, last night I went out to Danny’s and milled out the center and then touched up the surfaces on my CBN wheel (I have the Square D wheels from WTW and I used the flat surface on the side) and now have a tool that will do the job.

If you have access to equipment or knowledge to upgrade the Bit I think it’s a great buy. If you don’t you may want to spend the extra $20.

By the way this will “probably” void any warranty from WTW. That being said not sure what would fail on this beauty.

  1. admin

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the heads up on your review. We did not have any issues when we tested it but I can see where it would be an improvement to mill out that section. We should be up for a new shipment in a few months and we will probably implement your idea at that time.

    Thank again,

    Joe Schlawin

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